Get sexy eyes with the help of our make up

One of the moste sensual parts to make up are the eyes. Getting a provocative look and misterious eyes is an art, an art that you can learn too.

Today I will teach you what you have to do to get the look you want, just with a little bit of make up. Trends are, use pastel colors for the day, and pearl colors for the night.

The key for the eyeshadows is the color, since you can make it smooth or really alive and strong. EyeShadows usually come in two types: cream and powder.

The powder can be applied with a little sponge, and its spread in a soft and uniform way. We can get mate and pearl textures, and the best idea is to combine them.

The cream eyeshadow are applied with the sponge or our fingers. These are water-resistant and avoid expression wrinkles.

Either case, what we really need to learn is the combination of the tones: one to create the shadow all over the eyelid, and another one to illuminate the center of the eye.

It's better to apply the darker one over the eye and the lighter one right under the eyebrow. After this, we must blur the tone with a brush, making smooth movementes.

A little trick to keep the eyeshadow from showing lumps is to use make up base and dust over the shadow. If you see little wrinkles in the eye zone, it's not good to use the pearl shadows, since they will make them more evident.

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